Shia Labeouf Full Frontal in Music Video

The ‘Transformers’ star, Shia Labeouf goes full frontal in music video. He’s not really my type but I dont mind watching such a Hollywood star getting naked.

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Straight Boy Editor

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William Levy See Through Underwear

Hey, this might be a bit late but for those who haven’t seen this before, its William Levy from Dancing with the Stars in the hottest underwear ever.

I have to admit I didn’t know him before since I dont watch the show. He looks really good in some photo shoots.

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Jason Biggs Penis in American Reunion

Hey, I heard a lot about the scene in American Reunion where Jason Biggs goes full frontal.. Finally got to see it.

Well I actually dont find him hot but some of you might be interested.

Hot Straight Boys Editor

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