Straight Marine Gets to Taste His Own Cum

You know, it really is a mutual relationship between the straight models and The straight guys get cash for going gay for pay and/or satisfy their wants and needs eg to be a porn model or quell their curiosity and horniness. Meanwhile us gay guys get what we want – to see straight guys before us engaged in gay sexual acts. Galen is a young US marine who has not been sexually active for long. In fact, he’s experimenting a little with his bi-curiosity. He gets his cock sucked and is fingered. And just check out his cum blast at climax. But, personally he’s not my cup of tea. I just think he’s average looking, his body has no particular muscular definition and his skin is very white. Now that’s my tastes and opinion. I could be very wrong in your eyes.

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Muscular Straight Hunk, Stripped Naked & Exposed

You know the type. Big, muscular, staunchly straight but love bathing in the admiration of gay men. I always think these guys are one step away from gay sex, they just have some psychological issue to overcome first. Take muscular, blond hunk Rafael. He’s a straight guy who wants to be a porn star. Of course, as he’s straight he doesnt want to appear too vulnerable or sissy so he only shows us his butthole, bulky muscles and uncut cock. Its a start. Give him a fuck scene where he has to pound the shit out of some big guy. Don’t you guys think he’d get a hard on and chip away at that psycological barrier?

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Straight Guys in a Gay Bareback Fuck

These straight guys fucking like gay guys are young looking with that real ‘boy next door’ feel. In fact, the way that Jason and Paul suck cock and then bareback fuck with such gusto, passionately kissing mid-fuck makes me wonder if they are really straight? They look like they are enjoying it way too much, like a pair of horny gay jack rabbits. Then again, Jason may have learnt a trick or two in his ‘absence’ from modeling in gay porn. Hmm. I also have to say that I am happy about the recent trend to get some of these straight guys to ass fuck – even better when its bareback!

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