Head Jobbing Straight Guys With Handsome Johnny Forza

What’s the most arousing set of muscles on a man? I vote for the pecs. When ever I see a big, firm, swollen set of pecs on a guy my heart starts to beat faster and I get real excited. I guess the second is biceps. Gotta love a bulky set of biceps. So manly! I say this after watching the handsome and muscular Johnny Forza. In this gay for pay video he sucks and explodes with almost as muscular and hot newbie, Damien Kyle. Now these straight dudes are a little less poorer, and we’re all a bit richer!

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See What Twisted Torture is in Store for This Shackled & Collared Workman

Just saying some of the following things gets me hard, let alone watching them in the video clip. I guess I just love watching gay BDSM! Bound, gagged and naked the straight subordinate cant do anything to protect himself as guys play with his cock. Beer is spat into his mouth. He’s ordered into sucking a man’s cock and licking his boots. His ass is flogged as he’s made to suck cock. He is forced to taste his own cum after it is milked from his cock. Just a sample of the sick, twisted and arousing tortures these BDSM dominants get up to at BreederFuckers.com.

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Austin and Travis (Straight) Get Rented For Gay Sex

Austin Grant and Travis Cooper have been ‘rented’ by one of you out there. They suck and wank each other for starters until they blow their loads. Watch the clip / download the video for full details but I’ll just let you know because it was so kinky, Austin had been out with a married couple – both competing for best blow job at sucking his cock, then the kinky wife watched as Austin fucked her husband. What else do these kinky rent boys get up to? After Austin cums, straight guy Travis uses his cummy hand to blow his own load. Don’t you just love using cum as lube? I think its so sexy.

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21yo Straight Jon Just Wants to Do Porn, Even Gay Porn!

Straight, 21yo, blond haired (everywhere!), porn loving Jon drops his pants and jacks off his rock hard rod for you guys. You know what I like watching? The seconds before orgasm when guys build up to and eventually cum. The more shaking, stiffening, holding breath, convulsing of the belly, grunting etc that goes on the better. I thought of this because of Jon when he was milking his nice cock and swingin’ balls. I cant stand it when guys cum and you had no idea they were going to. How boring! But I guess some guys just get shy in front of other people / the camera. Luckily that doesn’t include Jon.

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Troy Wants His Straight Ass Fucked Like a Gay Man

Here it is straight, if you pardon the questionable pun: two very hot muscle bound straight guys engage in gay fucking sex. They lead up to it with cock sucking and rimming as well. Very pleasurable to watch these two sexy lads go at it. I have a hunch the boys get more pleasure out of it than the paycheck. More than a hunch actually when I heard that Troy was asking to get fucked. With Cruz as the hunky top I don’t actually blame him. The full video sees Cruz smearing his ejaculated cum back into Troy’s manhole.

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