Straight Guy Hogtied, Pissed On and Cum On

When the BDSM dominants have their hapless, straight bottom pinned down torturing and humiliating him by force feeding him their cock, I always think they run the risk of having their cock bitten into. I mean the bottom is in pain and screaming as he’s being violated in the arse or bodily tortured. In such a situation the natural inclination is to grit your teeth and chomp down. The bottom may be wary of doing so however as he is outnumbered, bound and living in fear that the retribution would be far

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How Much Gay Hazing Can a Straight Pledge Take?

OK, I think the sick fucks from this week’s featured fraternity are the most sadistic I’ve seen for a while. They really subject their eager pledges to some degrading stuff and jeer them on while they have to do it. Naked wrestling in baby oil, the winner having to suck cock (and gag) and the losers having to fuck each other. These young American stallions really looked like they were suffering as they took it up the ass. I thoroughly loved it all.

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On Top of Cash For a Gay Bash, Denver Seems to Like His First Fuck

For a rather masculine straight guy Denver gasps like a jail-house bitch as he gets fucked. But you know what? I like it! I’m glad to see he’s a professional. He’s even been practicing at home to deep throat on a dildo. I think he realizes there’s a buck to made in gay porn (he is good looking after all – c’mon, you guys have gotta like him right?), so he’s making

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Sexy Jacob Sucks His First Cock (in Exchange For Cash)

David mentions that sexy new gay for pay model Jacob has some fans already. I think I’m one of them. I ask myself what gets my blood rushing faster when I see him and I conclude its the raw Latino masculinity that he exudes on top of that body. Oh, that body! Beautiful bodies are one of the things that turn me on most. I’m definitely a body man. Its quite deceiving actually. When Jacob has his shirt on you don’t realize that such an angular and defined body lies

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Random Hot Amateur Straight Boys

Hi there! Got some random hot amateur straight boys for today. Again I dont really know if they are all straight but some of them are quite hot and hung. I love guys with big dick..well #1 is a little too big lol Hope you enjoy this post.

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