Big Tough Rugby Player is Made to Suffer in BDSM

The bondage is magnificent. Sebastian, the butch rugby player with the chest hair of a monkey is bound, gagged and anally invaded while being kept in a painful position. The ball gag muffles his gasps of pain and humiliation. When I watch and get turned on by the videos from it’s like the guys have tapped into my childhood memories to replay some of the gay torture scenes I always fantasized about. I’d always place the most manly or muscular stud from my school year in these scenes and I would make him suffer due to my kinky and debased fantasies, he’d beg for his torture to end. It would only end however when my cock blew its load.

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Hot Straight Boys Editor

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Hot Straight Guy Plays With Himself to Please You

BJ Heart, the straight hunk with a heart shaped implant in his cock, has one of those naturally fine bodies that makes you want to vomit. Looking at his superb musculature makes you think, “Why God, did you not bless me with that manly body?”. But, here’s the rub. He’s got the body, I don’t. But, I’ve got the cash, he don’t. Why else do you think this straight guy is trying to make it into gay porn? The occasional strip dance in a gay club just aint payin the bills. I’d rather be in my position where I can download as many of these hot straight guys for my pleasure as I like. Age will catch up with BJ one day, and then what is he going to do?

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Gay Porn Provides for This Straight & Broke Stud

I think the GFC (no, not the Gay Fuck Club) has been good for us gay guys who love perverting straight guys for our pleasure. Meet Caleb, he’s a 19yo straight guy with a hot body and no job. The cash from this video will help him make ends meet for just a little while, but he’s cute so I hope he needs to make another video. Check him out in this clip.

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Harry Louis Pounds Into Yet Another Manhole

Let’s take a little break from straight boys with a gay porn video from UKNakenMen I don’t think its a coincidence but after meeting his designer boyfriend Marc Jacobs, the Brazilian gay porn star Harry Louis’ style seems to have changed. Even their beards look the same! Personally I think Harry looks much hotter the way he was. He looks more natural and the Latino sex appeal seems to ooze out of him more. Am I the only one? Watch Harry

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Another Straight Guy Tricked Into Gay Sex

To a horny straight guy a hole’s a hole. If it’s vagina or mangina it can still feel great. Brad, the straight dude in this video, is testament to that. I wonder exactly when the penny dropped that the broad he was meant to be making a porno with was never coming? But the reliable thing about these young actors is that they are just interested in the money. Its with this goal and a little imagination

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