Straight Hunk Spills His Cum

Italian blooded Scott was hoping to be a straight toy boy. What a shock he must have got when his hopes got twisted and he went gay for pay. That’s good for us gay guys as Scott is a find. Now as it’s his first gay for pay video, David can’t push him too far – Scott flies solo in this video. But as he’s such a hunk we’d want him to stick around for future, more raunchy videos. And given that his bitch of an ex-girlfriend has emptied his bank account there’s some incentive to come back and make us all happy. For now though, enjoy this handsome young straight man jacking off.

Just because the ass is straight, its not safe at

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Straight Boy Blake Has His First Gay Fuck

Blake Savage has no experience at gay sex but his fellow straight fuck buddy (Jason) has, so he takes the lead. After going through cock sucking foreplay Blake gets his virginal cherry popped. Being bit of a sadomasochist, I love seeing guys struggle a bit being fucked. I love it when bottoms have to grip the sheets with clenched fists and grit their teeth – just like Blake does. At the same time I cant help but feel a little sorry for first time straight butt fuckers, especially

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Shia Labeouf Full Frontal in Music Video

The ‘Transformers’ star, Shia Labeouf goes full frontal in music video. He’s not really my type but I dont mind watching such a Hollywood star getting naked.

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Straight Boy Editor

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Tanner Thinks Gay Sex Aint All That Bad, Considering He’s Straight!

Straight guy Tanner, with a beefy hairy chest and over 6′ of the epitome of a manly stud, thinks he’s about to become a porn star. Well, he sorta is, its just that he’s gonna be a gay porn star. He’s ensnared into this gay web of deceit by his buffed up buddy Corey, who he ends up making out with. I’m often surprised at how easy some straight guys take to gay sex, and it can’t all just be for the money. Some have gotta like it. Tanner has his first man on man

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Sodomised, Humiliated, Totally Dominated

The shear violence used to abuse and bugger Fraser is awesome, literally. I found myself momentarily stunned in awe and delight after watching this gay BDSM video. The clip is just a taste for what the ex-con has got himself in for, the full video has all the gruesome and erotic details. For example, getting choked, punched, his ass and mouth filled with cum (as he struggles in resistance of course) and cum over his body. Now his fellow in-mates in the big house could not have done

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