These Young Guys Will Ass Fuck For Cash

I think straight boys like saying “fuck” and “suck that cock” when there’s gay connotations involved. They get some sort of kick out of it. I have to admit, so do I when they say it. Check out broke straight boys Kodi and Mitch, two of the younger models in the stable as they go for it with a gay fuck in exchange for some good ol’ green backs. Had to laugh at the very enthusiastic (and cutest guy in my opinion) Kodi – he loves putting on a show for the camera. It’s like he’s saying, “You catchin all this gay ass pounding action?”.

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William Levy See Through Underwear

Hey, this might be a bit late but for those who haven’t seen this before, its William Levy from Dancing with the Stars in the hottest underwear ever.

I have to admit I didn’t know him before since I dont watch the show. He looks really good in some photo shoots.

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As Long as There’s Cash, Straight Boys Will do Gay Things

If you are straight and made to have gay sex with another straight guy, who else better to get intimate with than your best buddy since childhood (hence the title, “Sandbox Buddies”)? Check out this pair of strapping 21 yo straight boys from Kentucky. Mmm mm, haven’t they got deliciously meaty bodies? That’s what I call cock lickin good. This video is interesting because it tracks the boys’ progression through gay porn from starting out with the easy stuff, eg mutual masturbation and jacking off, right up to gay ass fucking. I just enjoy watching the boys. They’re so easy on the eye, have a good rapport together on camera and I love the accents. Did I mention they are hot?

Download SandBox Buddies in full from

Hot Straight Boys Editor

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He’s Straight With a Hot Body – the Perfect Specimen for Gay Torture

All my life I’ve had fantasies about performing the types of BDSM acts on guys as the tops from StraightHell do. I never told a soul about these delicious fantasies I had where hot guys were strung up, tortured so they gasped in pain and then ultimately ravaged up the ass. When the humiliating abuse was complete they would just lie limp, spent and defeated. I could drift off with these thoughts for ages. Anyway, the screams from Bryan, the athletic blond stud in this week’s video, are pretty ear-piercing. I hope the garage torture chamber is in an isolated place!

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Boston Fucks His Boyfriend With His Big Dick

Hey, I know this is a straight boy site but lets take a little break and see some hot gay sex for this lovely Sunday.

There seems to be an ever increasing amount of gay couples wanting to do gay porn. Like this couple – Boston and Dylan. Both guys are pretty good looking, Boston’s the one with the long big cock while Dylan is the guy with the thicker cock who gets fucked up the ass. Its a pretty good fuck scene but there’s one thing that annoyed me, and that’s the incessant and over-done “oo-ing” and “ah-ing” and open mouths with lips in silly looking furled positions. It distracted me from watching

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